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Useful rXg CLI Aliases

July 02, 2024

Commonly Used Aliases for troubleshooting
adminurl | Display admin web URL
fastip | Display IP address via ip-fast.com
issue | Display current rXg IUI and interface config
iui | Display current IUI
logdebug | Set Log Level to Debug
loginfo | Set Log Level to Info
rr | Restart rXg service
rrw | Restart webserver
rxgsetup | rXg cli setup (also rxgconfig)
tfdhclient | Stream DHCP client log
tfdhcpd | Stream DHCP server log
tffleet | Stream Fleet Manager log
tfhttp | Stream Webserver log
tfjob | Stream Delayed Job log
tfmon | Stream Network Infrastructure log
tfur | Stream rXg upgrade log
uplinkip | Display configured uplink IP addresses
tfupnp | Stream uPnP log
weakssh | SSH to devices with out-of-date or insecure cipher or KEX
whatismyip | Display external IP address from ipinfo.io
Other useful Aliases
cdc | Quickly cd to /space/rxg/console
cfdev | Display full development log
cfdhcp | Display full dhcp server log
cfjob | Display full delayed job log
cfpro | Display full production log
cfr | Display full rxg log
cfrad | Display full RADIUS log
cfrr | Display only rxgd items in full rxg log
cfrw | Display only rails items in full rxg log
cfupnp | Display full uPnP log
clear_bootsnap_cache | Remove all files in /space/rxg/console/tmp/bootsnap
console | Load rails console
dstat | Alias to gstatp
dumppf | Save PF configuration to a file in /tmp
gstatp | I/O Disk Statistics
h | Show last 25 CLI commands for current user session
iotop | Alas for topio - top for I/O by process
iuiqr | display current IUI in QR Code format
kr | Kill rXg service
official_build | Display current official rXg build version
rdj | Restart delayed jobs
rlb | Restore rXg to most recent backup
rpu1 | Phased restart of Puma workers
rpu2 | Hot restart of Puma workers
tfdev | Stream development log
tfldev | Display last 1000 lines of Development log and stream
tflfleet | Display last 1000 lines of Fleet Manager log and stream
tfljob | Display last 1000 lines of Delayed Job log and stream
tflpro | Display last 1000 lines of Production log and stream
tflr | Display last 1000 lines of rXg log and stream
tfmonall | Stream Infrastructure, mrtg, and delayed job log
tfnamed | Stream DNS server log
tfovpn | Stream OpenVPN server log
tfovpnc | Stream OpenVPN client log
tfp | Stream PMS client log
tfpostgres | Stream postgres log
tfpro | Stream Production log
tfr | Stream rXg log
tfrad | Stream RADIUS log
tfrc | Stream Warning/Error/Fatal rXg log
tfrl | Display last 1000 lines of rXg log and stream
tfrr | Stream rXg log and display only rXg service
tfrslow | Stream rXg logs and show only finished tasks
tfrtadvd | Stream router advertisement log
tfrw | Stream rXg log and show only Rails or Puma items
tfrwe | Stream rXg log and show only Rails items
tfsip | Stream SIP proxy log
tfsquida | Stream Proxy Access log
tfsquidc | Stream Proxy Cache log
tfuf | Stream OS Upgrade log
ur | Upgrade rXg

The latest aliases can always be found by running `cat ~/.profile`

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